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Automation with SoapUI

Test reference in Squash TM

In order to bind a Squash TM test case to a SoapUI automated test, the content of the Automated test reference field of the Automation block of a test case must have the following format:

[1] / [2] # [3] # [4]


  • [1]: Name of the project on the source code repository.

  • [2]: Path and name of the SoapUI test file, from the root of the project (with the .xml extension).

  • [3]: Name of the TestSuite containing the test case.

  • [4]: Name of the test case to execute.

Parameters usage

Using test parameters or global parameters is currently not supported for SoapUI tests. (This feature will be implemented in a future release.)


Below is an example of a SoapUI test file and the corresponding Squash TM test case automation:

SoapUI example

SoapUI example

SoapUI example

SoapUI example

Supported versions

Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS have been validated with SoapUI 5.6.0. Any recent version should work properly.

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