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Automation with SoapUI

Test reference in Squash TM

In order to bind a Squash TM test case to a SoapUI automated test, the content of the Automated test reference field of the Automation block of a test case must have the following format:

(The reference contains one or two # characters.)


  • [repository]: Name of the Git repository.

  • [project]: Path and name of the SoapUI test file, from the root of the project (with the .xml extension).

  • [suite]: Name of the test suite.

  • [test_case]: Name of the test case to execute.
    This parameter is optional, i.e. it may be absent.

Parameters usage

Using test parameters or global parameters is currently not supported for SoapUI tests. (This feature will be implemented in a future release.)


Below is an example of a SoapUI test file and the corresponding Squash TM test case automation:

SoapUI example

SoapUI example

Supported versions

Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS have been validated with SoapUI 5.6.0. Any recent version should work properly.