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Upgrade guide

This page describes how to update the Squash AUTOM components.


† indicates a component which is common to Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS.
️‡ indicates a Premium component. An overview of the Premium features is available here. To benefit of these or to ask for more information, check our website or contact us.

Squash Orchestrator†

Installation vignette of tools

  • Stop the orchestrator using opentf-done (see Stopping the orchestrator):
    opentf-done --host http://localhost --token $TOKEN
  • Update the Squash Orchestrator's Docker image.
  • If the intermediate versions (between the pre-update version and the final version) or the final version itself require configuration changes, perform these ones.
    These instructions are indicated in the release notes page. If no instruction is indicated, no modification is to be made.
  • Restart the Squash Orchestrator in the same way as before the update.

Orchestrator tools†

Installation vignette of tools

Update the Orchestrator tools by running the following command:

pip install --upgrade opentf-tools

OpenTestFactory Agent†

Installation vignette of agent

  • Stop the OpenTestFactory Agent.
  • Update the agent by running the following command:
    pip install --upgrade opentf-agent
  • Restart the agent.

Squash TM plugins

Installation vignette of TM Plugins for Squash AUTOM

To update the Squash TM plugins, please refer to the installation protocol of a Squash TM plugin.

  • Result Publisher†
  • Test Plan Retriever