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Using BDD and Robot Framework in Squash AUTOM - Running test cases

Running the automated test cases

Squash TM administrator
Product owner
Functional tester
Set up Squash TM
Write requirements
Write test cases
Transmit test cases
Get test cases
Automate test cases
Deliver automated test cases
Indicate automation is performed
Run automated tests

Fabrice creates an iteration in his test campaign and places the automated test cases in it (see Squash TM documentation): putting test case into an iteration

Then, he can launch the tests (see Squash TM documentation): launching automated test case

Later on, the results are available (see Squash TM documentation): accessing test results and iteration

Fabrice downloads the Allure report, untars it, and displays it (see FAQ):

tar xvf allure-report.tar
allure open